Beefing up science: CSIRO on boosting livestock profitability

CSIRO scientists will be presenting their latest beef cattle research at an afternoon seminar on Thursday 7 May at Beef Australia, the major event on the Australian beef industry’s calendar for 2015.

Held every three years in Rockhampton, Beef Australia attracts people from all facets of the beef industry, including international researchers and industry leaders. CSIRO is a proud participant in the national event.                                                                                                                                 

“We’re looking forward to talking about our latest research that is focused on improving productivity, profitability and sustainability through breeding and management practices,” says CSIRO’s Dr Drewe Ferguson.

“In particular, the Digital Homestead project, in collaboration with James Cook University. is trialling technologies that provide daily information to assist the farmer with management of feed, reproduction and preparing livestock for market.”

CSIRO has a long tradition of providing research solutions for the Australian beef industry, including the development of the poll gene test, sequencing the bovine genome, improving welfare standards for trucking livestock, researching pain relief in relation to husbandry practices, and developing genomic solutions that improve the suitability of cattle for Australian conditions.

The two-hour CSIRO seminar will explore how the organisation’s multidisciplinary research is addressing the big challenges facing the industry:

Topics include:

CSIRO will also be demonstrating methane measuring equipment at Belmont on Tuesday 5 May as part of Beef Week.

Beef Australia 2015 runs from 4 to 9 May. The CSIRO Seminar will be held in the James Lawrence Pavilion - Gallagher Livestock Manager Room. Tickets are $15.

Event date: 
Thursday, May 7, 2015 -
15:30 to 17:30